15 Gennaio 2020

Thanks 2019

2019 has been a hell of a year, tons of changes and projects, professionally and personally. Here goes a short list!

Professionally, this has been the editorial year (welcome back): I designed two different fanzine and the 2020 Spring Summer Lookbook at Desigual.

fanzine Paris Le Marais

Created for Desigual @ Sonar

Created for the opening of the new Desigual store in Harajuku, Tokyo

Double page from the Desigual SS20 Lookbook. Full case study in progress...

I also designed the visual identity of one of the most important project of the year “Desigual loves Miami” which included the Miranda Makaroff installation, the “el Beso” performance by artist Carlota Guerrero, during the Miami Art Bassel week. I couldn’t be more proud of.

Few minutes before the start of the Show

"The Kiss" moment...

Full report here

This is quite an insignificant thing but it made me very happy. Last june the poster I designed for the Paris pop-up store opening were displayed throughout Le Marais.

Le Marais, Paris

Personally the most important fact of 2019 has been our move to the Vila de Gracia Barrio. Gracia was an independent municipality for centuries before being formally annexed by Barcelona in 1897 but you can still feel his original vibe. It's like living in an arty village right in center of a city. This is how it looked our nearest square in the 50's:

And this now (during the annual "Festa Major de Gràcia")

©Francisco Goncalves

6 Settembre 2019

Island boy

Although I was born and raised in Rome and finally moved to Barcelona, I've always felt I'm an island boy. My parents were born in Sardinia so I spent there all my summers till I was old enough to start chasing waves with my friends. Many summer migrations to other islands started at that point, mostly to Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Bali. For me an island is geographically and metaphorically a safe place, surrounded by water and kissed by the winds. There I feel time is not a threat but a friend you have to take care of.

Sardegna, circa 1978

Fuerteventura 2012

Bali 2011

La Palma 2015

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